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7/29/20: "Old Catville Quadrille" by Col. John A. Pattee (1924)

Old Catville Quadrille by Col. John A. Pattee (1924)

CD 5, track 10

Eighty-year-old Col. John A. Pattee (1844-1924) made this record of “Old Catville Quadrille” only three months before he died unexpectedly in New York, preparing for one of his barn dance radio broadcasts. Pattee was not really a “colonel,” having adopted the conceit for the stage, but he was a Civil War veteran of the 24th Michigan Infantry Regiment. For many years he led a quartet of Civil War veterans (two from the North, two from the South) performing the old-time tunes throughout the country. Pattee is second from the left in the photo below.


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