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9/26/20: "The Mountain Climber" by The Graus Duo (1897)

The Mountain Climber by The Graus Duo (1897)

CD 4, track 2

Here is the Graus Duo performing “The Mountain Climber,” described as “Tyrolean Duet – Song and yodel by mixed duo with piano accompaniment.” It was recorded on July 8, 1897 in New York for Emile Berliner’s Gramophone. We’re not sure who the pair of singers are, but the male voice may be that of the leader of the larger Graus ensemble, Frank Graus, and the soprano voice could belong to one of three known members of the group: Carrie Graus, Mirzl (née Meister) Pietsch, or Vroni von Eidner.


Mountain Climber by the Graus Duo (Berliner label)

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