Before The Big Bang


The secret of attracting astronomical online success  revealed by "Mr Universe".

aka: Dan Hollings, the internet guy behind the smash hit movie: The Secret.

Web Marketing Book Summary:
An often funny and behind the scenes look at what many now call the most successful internet campaign of our times. Learn directly from the guy that did it all, Mr. Universe, how "The Secret" movie broke all the records and how you can apply these same secret strategies to your site, blog, or business.

Dan Hollings, internet strategist behind the over-the-top successful online marketing campaign for "The Secret" movie, is the author of a new internet strategy book, Before The Big Bang.

If there was ever a "Secret," it has to be the mystery of how internet consultant, Dan Hollings, took an unknown movie with virtually no marketing budget and turned it into a multi-million dollar success even before it reached the mass media channels of Larry King, Ellen Degeneres, and Oprah.

Many inquiring minds are now scratching their heads and rightfully so, because in interview after interview the movie producers have claimed their marketing manager was "The Universe." Hmmmmmm?

This is a revolutionary and practical how-to internet marketing book destined for the New York Times bestseller list. This marketing book will cover all the strategies used to propel the smash hit secret law of attraction movie: The Secret, toward its astronomically profitable and record breaking success.

Internet strategies revealed include everything from web site traffic generation, to social networking sites, to the secret internet marketing information, web site promotion, and viral marketing strategy used in promoting the secret viral videos. As you read this internet marketing book, you'll learn everything from word of mouth advertising, to improving metrics conversion, to blogging, to the newest techniques based on social marketing research... nothing is left a secret. Even if you're seeking google adwords tips for your search engine keyword promotion or the latest in web 2.0 technology or web 2.0 development, you'll discover a LOT of advice on web site marketing within the pages of Before The Big Bang!

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Alexa #1 Alexa #1
April 05, 2006
"Mover and Shaker"

ABC News ABC News
Nov 26, 2006
"The marketing campaign behind 'The Secret' is going to go down in history as the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done. … Anywhere."

TIME magazine TIME magazine
Dec. 28, 2006
"In a little over six months more than a half-million units of the DVD have shipped."

#1 Bestseller #1 bestseller
New York Times #1 bestseller

Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune
January 4, 2007
"...a clever viral marketing campaign that has successfully harnessed the Internet and word-of-mouth buzz to reach the masses."

Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal
January 27, 2007
"...word-of-mouth and the Internet to bypass traditional film marketing"

Feb 14, 2007 
"The DVD ($29.95) was released last March and has sold 1.1 million copies."

New York Times New York Times
February 25, 2007
"The Secret is an overnight phenomenon"

Newsweek Newsweek
March 5 2007
"Stroke of marketing genius...   By the time Oprah ran her first segment it was already a huge success."

Larry King Show Larry King Show
March 8, 2007
"DVDs are selling like hotcakes"

Herald Sun (Australia) Herald Sun (Australia)
May 18, 2007
"manifesting... a reported $40 million fortune."

Sydney Morning Herald The Sydney Morning Herald
May 19, 2007
"...amassed a $48.5 million fortune sharing The Secret with the world"